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Avoid consuming alcohol or substances that alter your conscience and stick to your plan: no last minute change of plans or places. Finally, a short date will suffice; if there was interest there will be a second date.

Pets make us more sociable beings, so if you are a bit shy and like animals… you can choose to acquire a puppy.

In addition, your pet will force you to go out for walks in the park, where you will have the opportunity to meet other animal owners with whom you will have a common theme: canine love. Perfect reason to break the ice and make friends.

In the event that you already have a dog and have not yet found a partner, it is because you need to get more out of your pet. Be a good housekeeper, take him for a walk in the park, and hang out with him on the weekends. Not only will it be good for your pet (you will notice how things in the house will stop being destroyed) but it will also be an opportunity to meet a single canine owner.

Did you know that there are companies that are dedicated to finding you a partner? If you are really in the business of looking for that special someone, this may be an alternative.

GOGERIT is the first dating agency in Costa Rica. They are in charge of organizing speed dating events, an opportunity to meet people in a simple, safe and fun way.

This is a good option for those who have little time to visit social sites due to their busy lifestyle.

The mechanics of these events are very simple. Each person talks for seven minutes with someone of the other sex, at the end of the time they will write down the impressions of their appointment, continue with the next appointment, and so on until they finish with their up to 10 appointments. At the end of the event, the organizing company analyzes the results and communicates the “perfect encounters”, that is, couples with common interests.

Psychology influences when starting a conversation with someone. The first thing to know is that you should not ask her out immediately, because that only decreases the chances that the person will accept. Instead, ask a question or ask for a simple favor (for example, asking for an address or requesting a recommendation for a good restaurant to discover this weekend).

According to statistics, asking for a favor gives you a 15% chance that the other person will agree to go out with you; Asking her out directly only has a 3% chance that the other person will accept.

Compliments can be misinterpreted or create discomfort, instead prefer to say something nice about where they are. For example, if they are at the supermarket, you can tell them how tasty those avocados look; Or, if they are in a bookstore, say what a wide variety of titles there are.

Active listening is essential. Listen to the other person, but really listen to them, and then say something in response.

The person is more likely to develop an interest in you if you show attention to what she is saying. On the other hand, avoid talking too much about yourself, that will only make you appear arrogant and self-centered.

The first impression is essential because that is the image that will remain in the other person and it will be difficult to change. The looks and the first ones we express say a lot about us. For example, if she makes eye contact, it means that she is not too shy and shows interest in the other person. If the first sentences come out without hesitation, they show that he is a safe and intelligent person.

Furthermore, your scent and the way you dress will also leave an impression on the other person.

If you plan to go hunting or are hoping to meet a new group of people, keep in mind that the colors of the clothes you are wearing may or may not work in your favor. Make sure the colors you use send the right message.

Men who wear blue are generally regarded as stable and faithful by women; For their part, women who wear red can look passionate and powerful to men.

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Graduated in Collective Communication Sciences, with an emphasis in journalism, from the University of Costa Rica and a master’s degree in Communication Media Administration from UNED.

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