Get encouraged along with trytip for dating out there innovative things.

Despite knowing the need to advertise it is often very difficult to reach the manager, they seem like God is impossible to bother … hahaha.

I will carry out your advice to see how they go. Thank you very much and I will follow you closely from now on! Greetings.

Hello Cesar, some time ago I established a home care company and so far it is not going very well due to advertising, we have always done it through mass emails, facebook and website.

Hi Karen, congratulations on setting up your company. How your business works best, in addition to the ads on Facebook ADS to publicize and SEM positioning in Google, is through phone calls and arranged appointments to talk about the service. Home care may not sell well by mass mail. A hug

But what if we don’t have the name of the person we should talk to? How do we pass the secretary filter without using “I want to speak to the area manager”? thanks!

Hello Tatiana, in the first call we can already discover your name. In this way in subsequent calls we already ask for the person. Another very effective technique is looking at the person’s name on Linkedin. A hug

I have loved this series of tips and I am great, I am going to put them into practice.

The little phrase that kills me and that I hear 90% of the time is “Send information by mail and if we are interested we will get in touch” grrrfffsss …… It is a masterful way to get out of the way.

Thanks Cesar, I just met you through this media and it is a great little help. I am a salesperson and I detect that sometimes I have a failure when arranging visits … that then sometimes, clients cancel me and it creates great upheaval. Have you published something about it?

Hello Mariano! Thanks for your idea, this week I will try to write about “How to prevent customers from canceling business visits.” I really want to do it. You can see more articles about sales in the sales section, and even more by buying “Supervendedor”, in which it thoroughly details an effective sales method. A hug!

Excellent…. I loved it and its publication helped me a lot … I am starting in sales I like it much more than my career … every experience with a client seems a challenge, it comforts me that the more reluctant they are as they listen to my presentation about the services that they I offer they are interested in paying attention to me whether it suits them or not … if I should improve and that is why I found your fabulous page … a success hug … I hope you publish more of your experiences in sales and knowledge …

Amazing Caesar! I have googled “role playing to arrange a telephone interview” and you have appeared the first one! I was your student in the coaching master and in a course on how to speak in public.

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