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I don’t smoke a man with a house, boat, Porsche sitting at the bar drinking champagne, on the contrary.

If that’s demanding now, then I don’t know either.

I read all the comments here with interest. I hear frustration and disappointment on both sides, both in men who are looking for women and vice versa (and maybe also in MM and FF). It’s about bad boys who dress but don’t understand and also about dear guys who are supposedly boring but are still wanted (apparently more from the bound women ?!)

A logic behind this is probably that you are always looking for (or missing) what you don’t have right now. For me it was z. B. the other way around: married to the “nice guy” I actually missed something like the bad boy. So I think there is a certain double standard on both sides of the sexes. That shouldn’t advocate cheating (here everyone should decide for themselves), but the challenge for me is to manage the balancing act between loving and lustful. In other words, to be both the home at the stove and the caring provider and a sex noodle who has fun in bed, in the club, on the dining table or anywhere else. And that’s exactly what I would like from my partner in the future: to be lusty, exuberant, aware of his attractiveness … And yet responsible, understood, reflected …

Far too many people today choose just one very specific type (“I am like that”, “I’m looking for someone who is like this”). But everyone has the potential to be versatile and I want to encourage you to develop just that!

These are the usual prejudices that can be completely transferred one to one to the world of women.

What kind of bad women there are they cannot even imagine.

So I think every man and woman here should touch their own nose and see how bad one \ woman is.

The slow relationship building is not wanted by the Internet types, because there is enough choice and supply of women on the Internet, whom you can then pretend to look for a relationship again.

The slow build-up would also be my wish, but it might come true sooner than on the net.

If this is so entertaining, I can tell you about a swank that happened around ten years ago at a single party (“Fischt-sucht-Fahrrad-Party”). The solo women often go there with a friend as moral support. The girlfriend is usually tied. So I involve two ladies present in a friendly conversation. It quickly becomes apparent which of the two is looking for and which is only the tied companion. After a short conversation, the seeker says the usual female phrase to me, so “you’re not my type”. As I leave, I hear her friend say to her, “why, he’s nice”. You then: “No, I don’t want that”.

In the meantime, of course, I’ve run out of time. How am I supposed to answer the usual questions of women without accidents today, in my mid-40s, if they want to know when my last relationship was or how long the last relationship lasted? I have nothing to show …

In principle, there are portals like or something for these bound searchers, I just think it’s stupid that they all end up in one pot. There should be selection criteria for infidelity, for young and carefree from the middle, for real partner search. If you could define the pulldown in the selection box in more detail, matching would be easier. Always a direct hit, so to speak – at least for those looking for a connection who are only looking for an ex-and-hopping thing. In the case of a real partner search, the process takes longer anyway, since more factors have to be right.

Tip to Neukölln: Zehlendorf with a dog. And NOT Schlachtensee, KL or Grunewaldsee. All the other Berlin blenders are already on the move 😉

This is nothing new, women are attracted to bad boys, but then wonder what machos they have at home and “cry” to good, nice guys. There are whole studies on it. But these women then envy other women who have taken a “nice” guy.

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