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Still, every bad boy attracts more women. I always try to find out whether my counterpart is capable, unable or unwilling to relate. I am only interested in the former. And someone who cheats on his partner, even if it’s with me, is through anyway, but at the moment many are just looking for contact. That is also OK. Find a slow relationship building process much nicer. Unfortunately, my marriage ended in an accident-related death much too early and it took me a long time to seek contact again.

Oh Sebastian, that’s delicious! 😉 Many thanks for the frank words, also to the guest! Although searching, I have never looked online for rather disastrous experiences with Tip personals 20 years ago … then it also worked in the same way for a long relationship, which unfortunately has long been over. Maybe I should go online … or go for a walk in Zehlendorf when everything goes back to normal … You give me courage.


No wonder that one catches something with you men if one gets involved with you in the belief that one means business.

There is fooled an interest and in fact it is only the drive that wants to be satisfied again and I find that repulsive.

How many people present themselves as single in the networks and actually be in a relationship and have children at home is really always frightening.

I’m also looking for a decent person, but I don’t feel like having affairs at all and what you read here only confirms that I will continue to hold back next.

This virtual online love is the last thing for me and continues to promote this mass processing and superficiality!

Tach Sebastian, Z’dorf Süd can largely confirm that. Nice remains, spicy arrives. And above all, non-binding, that is, married affairs. But after this time of forced togetherness and the resulting separations, maybe the idiots are not that far ahead and the nice, solid ones without a quirk have an advantage? We will see .. solidarity greetings!

(Those from Mitte can continue to date Swabian new Berliners * ironieoff *)

Since my husband passed away 7 years ago, I have been completely ignorant of this Internet platform and unfortunately only ever got to know the men, regardless of the portals, who were not really interested in a relationship, but were only interested in sex.

I have so often resolved to log out of this shark tank, but there is always the hope of getting to know a sensible man.

And I don’t need virtual dates!

“For me it is just the case that it used to be a disadvantage for me that I am always nice, nice and friendly. Most single women find that totally boring and uninteresting.”

Then they were just unlucky. What is boring about “dear”? I can’t understand. To be dear is to be authentic, to be yourself. Women who don’t like dear men are just not my thing. They were just unlucky … my independence is much more important to me than running after women and behaving the way they want …

For me it is just the case that in the past it was always a disadvantage for me that I am always nice, nice and friendly. The vast majority of single women find this totally boring and uninteresting. But it is precisely these qualities that make me interesting for bound women who are unhappy in their relationship. And now all of this is impossible for now. The women hang out with their stupid guys at home and they annoy each other, and I’m completely left with nothing. Of course, I will never completely give up hope of finding a sensible woman for a real relationship, but in Berlin that seems pretty hopeless. You are rejected by the women from Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain or Prenzlauer Berg simply because you live in Zehlendorf. And the Zehlendorf women are probably not looking on the internet, at least I’ve never met one in all these years …

I don’t usually comment on anything here.

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