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At first I just installed the app out of boredom. Friends had told me about dates and so I wanted to try my luck. In the course of the first conversations, however, I became more and more interested in an unusual evening. Chance played exactly the right match into my hands for this. I made an appointment with Nathalie in a nice bar. Her figure kept what the conversation had already promised. In her dark blue mini skirt, she sat down on the bar stool with elegant movements. We talked quickly. She kept leaning forward while laughing and I glanced into the plunging neckline, where I recognized a bra with black lace. She caught me doing it and smiled at me with a deep look. She seemed to really like that I had taken a look at her.

The good range of cocktails loosened our tongues and we gradually exchanged more and more sexual topics. I became more and more horny as a result and really wanted to take it down. I got the impression that the choice of topics also seemed to have an effect on Nathalie. She let her gaze wander over my body as well. In a brief moment she slipped her hand inconspicuously between my legs and asked me if we wanted to drink up. We left the pub and made our way through the deserted streets of the dark night to Europaplatz to get into a taxi. We had not yet agreed in which direction the taxi should go or how we wanted to spend the night.

Nathalie first hung her arm on me and her hand wrapped around my waist. We turned into a side street when Nathalie pulled me into the darkened side entrance of a courtyard entrance. Here we were alone and there wasn’t a soul to be seen anywhere. Nathalie knelt in front of me and opened my pants. I was puzzled and surprised. But before I could say anything, she had pulled my cock out of my pants and gave me a kiss on the bare glans. I looked around and tried to make sure that nobody was watching us because she already had him in her warm mouth. While my latte was getting harder and harder, she grinned at me cheekily and challenged me to more. I quickly realized that this date knew exactly what she wanted from the evening. I took a rubber band out of my jacket pocket and we seemed to understand each other without words. I gently breathed in her ear “I want you!”

She opened her small purse and pulled out something that she put in my hand. “I want you to fuck my ass!” She said to me and I realized what I was holding in my hand. While I was opening the tube of lube, she pulled up her miniskirt and then leaned forward on the front of a car parked in the courtyard entrance. I slapped her bum once. Then I dripped the gel on her fingers and slowly inserted my index finger into her asshole. I spread the gel slowly at first, then inserted my middle finger and massaged her hole. My cock got harder and harder. I grabbed her tits and felt her stiff nipples. “Well, do you like that?” She asked and read the following “then fuck me hard!”. I put my cock in her hole and she moaned briefly. I couldn’t stop myself and rammed the bar deep into her. Nathalie massaged her pussy from the front. My testicles clapped her plump buttocks.

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