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Only because of an alleged cancellation (mistake by the seller), then sudden delivery in summer, then double debiting of the amount and only because of the visible (!) Back walls. These have a grain in the exhibition, but not at home. At first glance it looks like they were simply attached the wrong way round. But look the same on the back, are glued and therefore not interchangeable. Now we have made dozens of phone calls, always initiated by us, and have not come to a good result. The furniture now costs 30% less. Now the exhibits have been offered to us with a 10% discount. I think that’s extremely little for all the trouble … Is there actually a legal handle because the exhibits promise different furniture? Deception or something, a friend said so … Does anyone have an idea or are there just the alternatives, o.g. Exchange or return furniture completely (we actually want to, because they are beautiful and for us there is no alternative) … It annoys me so much that you have to run after them all the time and don’t want them to get away with it so “cheaply” …

Hello, our electrician renewed the entire electronics about 2 years ago and now I noticed a brownish line on the wall above the socket or network and TV socket! It’s hard to see because the wall has a slightly lighter brownish paint too! I am happy to send a photo!

HELLO our landlady is trying to scare us away at the moment because we don’t want to share our lives with them, she wants to know everything, etc. And she pissed off now And today we picked up residual waste and we didn’t put her out because there was only 2 bags in it we clean the front door with a piece of paper this is the purest chicane of hers we are looking for something new … the question is, however, can you ask if there is something in there?

What does it cost to renovate a staircase and how long does it take?

This week I got into a conversation with a customer, he had a weak hour and talked about some private things. What made me wonder is the price of his staircase renovation, he has offers of 190,000 to 260,000 euros and the work takes around 7 weeks. If I calculate the price per week or per m², then I find the price very exaggerated, whereby the stone does not have to be replaced. How can it be that companies submit such offers? Is there not much competition in this area? He said the stairs are 15 years old, 14 m deep and 7 m wide and are made of Chinese granite. The natural stone is in good condition, it does not have to be replaced, only the mortar that connects the steps with the stairs has partially peeled off. The natural stone coverings have to be removed, after cleaning the old steps have to be relocated.

Has anyone had any experience with anti-stuttering drugs?

I have already tried many therapies and have therefore spent a lot of money on them. I have now read more often about drugs that are said to have a positive effect on stuttering, such as melatonin, Ecopipam, Citalopram, Zyprexa, Pagoclone, Risperdale, etc. Perhaps someone has had experience with them and can help me with this topic. I would be very happy about helpful comments 🙂

There was once a TV movie, 80s or 90s, plays and the like. a. in a rolling mill where an employee was pierced by a rolled bar and later died in hospital. The company management tries to cover up something and a colleague of the workforce wants to clarify what really happened

Egypt trip booked with Nile cruise

Nowhere can you find out what about the Nile cruises. Would like to cancel the trip free of charge if possible.

How can you earn money as a young person (15)?

Hey, I’m 15 years old and I would like to make some extra money.

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