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Internet portals for partner search (e.g. FriendScout24, Parship, ElitePartner to name a few of the better known names) have been on the rise for years. Their various ways of establishing contact seem too seductive, and the almost limitless number of profiles of potential life companions arouses the curiosity of many customers.

But more often than not, the singles exchanges are more apparent than real. Here is the experience report of a female member who reports on the course of the first meeting with a man in the real world in the first few months after registering.

Premiere! First dating portal date with Rainer, meeting point near Stadtwald. Rainer’s suggestion to go for another walk, I decline with thanks – it’s pitch dark, temperatures just above zero. Instead, as agreed, drive to the Greek. At the sight of the word “restaurant”, Rainer panics: “Oh, did we want to eat something?”. After carefully studying the right-hand column on the menu, Rainer decides on a salad. “Could I get half a portion?” “You know, darling, I keep it there with the slogan ‘Have breakfast like an emperor …” The following conversation is slow because Rainer keeps his mouth shut stuffed full of bread and therefore I hardly understand a word. I still get the most important thing: Rainer is a gifted handyman and has just built a water bed out of old room doors (!?!?).

“You know, honey, it’s easier on the joints and everything you do in a normal bed works at least as well in it! Hoho ….”

It’s good that we have already discussed this topic …. Rainer is also extremely interested in culture, he was particularly impressed by the industrial culture of the Ruhr area and in 2009 he was in Stuttgart at “Miss Saigon”! When paying his bill of 8.50 euros, however, Rainer gets angry: they just charged him the 2 additional bread baskets! “But here they take it from the living!”.

The crowning glory was his question: “Well, what are we 2 pretty guys doing with the evening that has started?” Zero, nada, niente – get out of here!

I’m not giving up that quickly, so the next meeting with Mark 14 days later. When I arrive at the meeting point, I am immediately overcome by deep pity: Mark is a boy size 164, looks half starved (how did the man get the photo like that?) And dangling on his arm -? -? -? a man’s handbag. What could be in there?

We have already discussed the most important things on the phone, including that after 13 years of marriage he separated from Gudrun – very amicably and without any fuss. Already with the first coffee, Gudrun becomes “Madame” and from then on Madame buzzes through every second sentence. Suddenly, Madame no longer needs to work full-time, Madame suddenly doesn’t love her two dogs that much anymore, “Now I’ve got the two boobs on my neck!”, And Madame will look around, because now things are going to be completely different Pages opened! After another 10 minutes, the secret of the handbag is finally revealed: Mountains of photos of Mark + Madame + oak cupboard + 2 dogs.

Waiter, pay! Congratulations, Gudrun, you just got the corner!

For 5 weeks tingly email contact with Andreas! Should it work on the third attempt? Our correspondence is suspicious of the Pulitzer Prize, I’m blown away! Andreas is funny! Andreas is witty! Andreas is original! And this voice … With so much kinship, outward appearances lose their meaning, so why exchange photos? The bell ringer of Notre Dame could come along now – it doesn’t matter!

The choice of the place he suggested is idiosyncratic, but why not sip mint tea while balancing on cushions? You have to be open to everything! Arrive there hyper-nervous, but something warns me and I squint around the corner first – and who’s waiting ??? The Hunchback of Notre Dame! Andreas (“have fed me a few frustrated kilos in the last few months, but they are more or less down again.

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