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Do you want to flirt? Find yourself a future that will ensure you a ‘match’ than another.

Although it is a somewhat obvious resource, not only do you have to know how to control the tools necessary to manipulate your profile photos, but you also have to demonstrate the effectiveness of the deception. Luckily, the British cosmetic surgery clinic Make Yourself Amazing did it: a bit of Photoshop on the profile of a supposed Carla in one of these applications to considerably increase her breast and voila. As a result of its digital change, the profile had 34% more ‘matches’.

If some use their partners or retouched photos to increase their rate of ‘matches’, the idea of ​​asking your grandfather for some help is not so far-fetched. That’s what the young American film director Ethan Cole must have thought before deciding to create a profile on Tinder for the nonagenarian relative. When the old man achieved several coincidences, the mischievous grandson organized a round of blind dates in which, of course, he ended up showing up to see if he could catch something despite the fact that it was all an experiment to verify the success of a grandfather in the network Social.

Taking for granted that a person searches Tinder and similar platforms for another person to flirt with is too risky. In fact, a social experiment showed that a good piece of pastry is more successful than any heterosexual man: at 25, a user of the most popular dating platform created EverythingBagel, a fake profile with which he had to pass for a ‘ bagel ‘with surprising success. During a little over a year, he had more than a thousand matches in the ‘app’.

Finding a partner on Tinder, Grindr, Happn, and even Terra’s chat is great, but it doesn’t have to be a priority goal either. In fact, if you find something more succulent along the way, all the better. The same thing happened to Shannon, a young university student who was expelled from her brotherhood after being seen in the Tinder photo proudly displaying the symbol of the institution, which was a complete disgrace. After this dramatic situation, Tinder gave Shannon a scholarship to work at the company. She entered looking for a boyfriend and left with work.

Yes, a lot of code and patience could help you to ‘hack’ Tinder and link more (or, at least, have a profile with more matches than you would get only by interacting with the finger). This is what the Spaniards of Fuel For Tinder achieved, who created a platform from which users could increase their Facebook likes left and right (and, therefore, those of their Tinder profile) in order to increase the chances of match other users.

If some have ‘hacked’ Tinder for the benefit of all, others have done the same to teach their users a lesson. This is the case of the American computer scientist who made heterosexual men end up flirting with other heterosexual men by manipulating Tinder. Thus, the best thing is that you do not trust much of what you see through the screen of your mobile, because between Photoshop and the odd hoax, you will never know what is reality and what fiction.

Having fun while flirting doesn’t necessarily go hand in hand with ending up matched for a group of users. There are also those who have used Tinder to laugh with the faces of their potential partners: after getting several matches, a user went to the date with her suitors characterized as a young woman with some overweight. The reaction of those who believed they had picked up a pretty, slim girl was somewhere between perplexity and disappointment.

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