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Although it is a somewhat obvious resource, not only do you have to know how to control the tools necessary to manipulate your profile photos, but you also have to demonstrate the effectiveness of the deception. Luckily, the British cosmetic surgery clinic Make Yourself Amazing did it: a bit of Photoshop on the profile of a supposed Carla in one of these applications to considerably increase her breast and voila. As a result of its digital change, the profile had 34% more ‘matches’.

If some use their partners or retouched photos to increase their rate of ‘matches’, the idea of ​​asking your grandfather for some help is not so far-fetched. That’s what the young American film director Ethan Cole must have thought before deciding to create a profile on Tinder for the nonagenarian relative. When the old man achieved several coincidences, the mischievous grandson organized a round of blind dates in which, of course, he ended up showing up to see if he could catch something despite the fact that it was all an experiment to verify the success of a grandfather in the network Social.

Taking for granted that a person searches Tinder and similar platforms for another person to flirt with is too risky. In fact, a social experiment showed that a good piece of pastry is more successful than any heterosexual man: at 25, a user of the most popular dating platform created EverythingBagel, a fake profile with which he had to pass for a ‘ bagel ‘with surprising success. During a little over a year, he had more than a thousand matches in the ‘app’.

Finding a partner on Tinder, Grindr, Happn, and even Terra’s chat is great, but it doesn’t have to be a priority goal either. In fact, if you find something more succulent along the way, all the better. The same thing happened to Shannon, a young university student who was expelled from her brotherhood after being seen in the Tinder photo proudly displaying the symbol of the institution, which was a complete disgrace. After this dramatic situation, Tinder gave Shannon a scholarship to work at the company. She entered looking for a boyfriend and left with work.

Yes, a lot of code and patience could help you to ‘hack’ Tinder and link more (or, at least, have a profile with more matches than you would get only by interacting with the finger). This is what the Spaniards of Fuel For Tinder achieved, who created a platform from which users could increase their Facebook likes left and right (and, therefore, those of their Tinder profile) in order to increase the chances of match other users.

If some have ‘hacked’ Tinder for the benefit of all, others have done the same to teach their users a lesson. This is the case of the American computer scientist who made heterosexual men end up flirting with other heterosexual men by manipulating Tinder. Thus, the best thing is that you do not trust much of what you see through the screen of your mobile, because between Photoshop and the odd hoax, you will never know what is reality and what fiction.

Having fun while flirting doesn’t necessarily go hand in hand with ending up matched for a group of users. There are also those who have used Tinder to laugh with the faces of their potential partners: after getting several matches, a user went to the date with her suitors characterized as a young woman with some overweight. The reaction of those who believed they had picked up a pretty, slim girl was somewhere between perplexity and disappointment.

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Despite knowing the need to advertise it is often very difficult to reach the manager, they seem like God is impossible to bother … hahaha.

I will carry out your advice to see how they go. Thank you very much and I will follow you closely from now on! Greetings.

Hello Cesar, some time ago I established a home care company and so far it is not going very well due to advertising, we have always done it through mass emails, facebook and website.

Hi Karen, congratulations on setting up your company. How your business works best, in addition to the ads on Facebook ADS to publicize and SEM positioning in Google, is through phone calls and arranged appointments to talk about the service. Home care may not sell well by mass mail. A hug

But what if we don’t have the name of the person we should talk to? How do we pass the secretary filter without using “I want to speak to the area manager”? thanks!

Hello Tatiana, in the first call we can already discover your name. In this way in subsequent calls we already ask for the person. Another very effective technique is looking at the person’s name on Linkedin. A hug

I have loved this series of tips and I am great, I am going to put them into practice.

The little phrase that kills me and that I hear 90% of the time is “Send information by mail and if we are interested we will get in touch” grrrfffsss …… It is a masterful way to get out of the way.

Thanks Cesar, I just met you through this media and it is a great little help. I am a salesperson and I detect that sometimes I have a failure when arranging visits … that then sometimes, clients cancel me and it creates great upheaval. Have you published something about it?

Hello Mariano! Thanks for your idea, this week I will try to write about “How to prevent customers from canceling business visits.” I really want to do it. You can see more articles about sales in the sales section, and even more by buying “Supervendedor”, in which it thoroughly details an effective sales method. A hug!

Excellent…. I loved it and its publication helped me a lot … I am starting in sales I like it much more than my career … every experience with a client seems a challenge, it comforts me that the more reluctant they are as they listen to my presentation about the services that they I offer they are interested in paying attention to me whether it suits them or not … if I should improve and that is why I found your fabulous page … a success hug … I hope you publish more of your experiences in sales and knowledge …

Amazing Caesar! I have googled “role playing to arrange a telephone interview” and you have appeared the first one! I was your student in the coaching master and in a course on how to speak in public.

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Evidently there were large sections of the population who did not feel represented by the ruling class, groups whose interests not even the popular were able to adequately protect their interests, if not in the welfare form of grain distributions at a political price. These classes, forgotten by official politics, were easy prey for adventurers with few scruples (like Catiline himself), but who showed, at least in words, to take their needs to heart, aiming to exploit them to assert themselves politically.

When, again in 62 BC, Pompey, returning from the countryside in the East, landed in Brindisi, it was inevitable for many to go back to their memory twenty years earlier, when Silla had left that same port to conquer Rome. Pompeo, however, considered it more politically useful to respect the rules that Silla himself had enacted and which required the generals to dissolve their armies as soon as they touched Italian soil, so he dismissed their men. His only requests to the Senate were the assignment of land to the soldiers who had taken part in the campaign in the East, according to a practice that had been consolidated since Mario’s time, and the confirmation of the measures he had taken during the expedition. In fact, it was necessary that the new borders drawn by Pompey and the network of kings, allies and vassals created by him received official approval from the senate, since a general, even if a winner, did not have the authority to make such decisions.

On that occasion, the aristocracy once again demonstrated their political myopia. The senate, in fact, delayed for a long time in front of Pompeo’s requests, without deciding to accept or reject them. His act of dissolving the army was indeed mistaken for an act of weakness; in all probability many of the senators considered Pompey’s power too cumbersome, now that he returned full of glory and at the head of an army very loyal to him, and they thought they would take the opportunity to liquidate it without too many compliments. A political calculation that turned out, as we shall see, to be very far from reality.

The city, for the occasion, dressed up for the occasion, streets, temples and other public buildings were decorated and everyone poured out along the route that the procession would have traveled in its passage through the oldest heart of Rome. No less was the trepidation of soldiers and commanders, who had waited a lifetime for a day like that.

About three hundred: there would have been many celebrations of the triumph in the first seven centuries of the history of Rome. It was a long procession that saw the winning army enter the city through a special door, called “triumphal”, cross the most important places in the historic center and finally go up to the Capitol, where Jupiter, who on that hill had his oldest temple, it received a solemn thanksgiving sacrifice.

Not all winning generals had the right to triumph: the senate decreed the prestigious award, reserving it for the most significant successes. In many cases, then, the political moods of the moment also counted, which could have been more or less favorable to the general who demanded the triumph. With the passage of time, moreover, the ceremony became more and more spectacular: public banquets, games and competitions, theatrical performances were added to the parade of the winning army, in a party that sometimes lasted for several days and ended up involving the whole city.

The composition of the procession was also very varied: it included animals destined for sacrifice, the loot stolen from enemies – weapons and precious metals, works of art, goods of all kinds -, the typical species of the conquered lands, especially if exotic as elephants or giraffes, large tables painted with the names of the defeated cities or with the decisive events of the war, and then again the prisoners and kings of the vanquished peoples, often kept alive for years for the sole purpose of being paraded in triumph and killed not just finished the ceremony.

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The new measures include traffic restrictions and a night curfew.

– The Covid-19 pandemic is having a big impact on mental health: from March to today in Italy there have been 71 suicides and 46 suicide attempts, presumably related to Covid-19, compared to a number of suicides due to the economic crisis that in the same period of 2019 it stood at 44 and that of suicide attempts at 42. This was reported by psychiatrists at the International Conference on issues related to suicide, at the Sapienza in Rome.

– Flavio Briatore says he is in “super shape, ready to leave”, waiting to recover from the coronavirus and leave home isolation in the Milanese residence of his friend Daniela Santanchè, where he has been since Saturday 29 August, after almost a week of hospitalization at the San Raffaele. “Hello friends, followers, I’m not score. Here I am. I’m fine, and I thank you for so many messages of affection I have had in recent days – says the entrepreneur owner of the Billionaire, smiling but with a slightly tired voice, video posted on Instagram – I continue my isolation, we hope it ends as soon as possible. “

– Even Marina Berlusconi, according to what Ansa learns, is positive at Covid-19. After a series of negative swabs, the last one, over the weekend, gave a different result. The news is confirmed by the Group. The president of Fininvest and Mondadori, however, is fine and normally works on the phone.

– Vo ‘Euganeo, the Padua municipality that recorded the first death from Covid-19 on 21 February and which was the first in Veneto to enter the nightmare of the lockdown, has reopened its doors to the children of the nursery school. The same institute that had hosted the Red Cross “sampling laboratory” for the study of swabs involving the entire citizenry, was set up with anti-virus desks and furniture.

– While September 14, the date on which most of the students will return to the desks, is approaching, the first bell for the school is sounded in South Tyrol, which anticipated the return to class to date. The opening of kindergartens is also expected, although some have postponed the start for organizational and structural reasons. “The restart of the school is a sign of rebirth for the country”, said the Minister of Education, Lucia Azzolina.

– India overtakes Brazil and becomes the second country after the United States with the most cases of coronavirus infection in the world, according to data from the American University of Johns Hopkins. The officially registered cases of Covid-19 in India today reached over 4.2 million. Brazil has 4.1 million, while the US has almost 6.3 million infections. The number of coronavirus-related deaths in India stands at 71,640.

– The toll of the coronavirus pandemic in the world has exceeded 27 million infections and 880 thousand deaths, according to data from the American Johns Hopkins University. The United States remains the most affected country in the world, with 6.27 million infections and almost 189 thousand deaths.

– There are 1,297 new cases of coronavirus infection in Italy in the last 24 hours, 398 fewer than yesterday but the figure is influenced by a sharp drop in swabs performed (76,856 against 107,658 yesterday). The number of people admitted to intensive care rose by 12, rising to 133 after a day of stalemate. 1,683 hospitalized with symptoms (+63 compared to yesterday) and seven deaths, for a total of 35,541 victims since the beginning of the epidemic. +405 the healed (210,015 in all).

– Against the 12,117 swabs carried out, 198 (1.63%) new positives were registered in the Lombardy region. Of these, 25 are ‘weakly positive’ and 6 following serological testing. The healed / discharged are in total 76,794 (+86), of which 1,316 discharged and 75,478 recovered. Intensive care patients are 25 (+2), while non-intensive care patients are 248 (+3).

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– In the last 30 days “we travel around 200-300 daily cases of coronavirus positive, a stable figure despite small daily variations”. This was stated by the president of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità, Silvio Brusaferro. “A significant figure is the average age of the new positives, which previously was over 70, and has now dropped to around 40. Lethality, however, concerns the older ages,” he added.

– Green light from the Chamber of the Chamber to the majority resolution that extends the state of emergency on the coronavirus crisis until 15 October. The document was approved with 286 votes in favor, 221 against and 5 abstentions.

– Hans Kluge, the WHO regional director for Europe, made it known that the increase in coronavirus infections among young people may be at the origin of the increase in Covid-19 cases detected in various European countries. Kluge told the BBC radio that auotirtàs need to communicate better with young people.

– The number of new cases of covid-19 in Germany in the last 24 hours is still growing: 684 reports arrived at midnight yesterday, compared to 633 the previous day, according to the latest data from the Robert Koch Institut.

– The Covid vaccine that the Russian national research institute Gamaleya is working on has been sent to the competent department of the Ministry of Health for expert evaluation and its registration is expected to take place between 10 and 12 August: a source told the Russian news agency Interfax.

– China sees coronavirus cases still rise, to the highest levels of the last 4 months: new infections reached 101 in the tally reported on Tuesday announced today by the National Health Commission, up from 68 on Monday.

– The London government has signed an agreement with the French pharmaceutical group Sanofi and the British pharmaceutical group GlaxoSmithKline (Gsk) for the supply of 60 million doses of the coronavirus vaccine. Skynews reports.

– Coronavirus deaths in the United States in the last 24 hours were 1,592, the highest number in two and a half months, and new cases are over 60,000.

– The number of doctors who died of Covid-19 in Italy rises to 176 since the beginning of the epidemic. The data is updated by the federation of doctors’ orders (Fnomceo), which on its website listed in mourning keeps the list of colleagues killed by the virus.

– After four consecutive days with zero new deaths in Lombardy there was a coronavirus victim in the last 24 hours (out of 11 total in Italy). The dead are instead 5 in Veneto, 3 in Tuscany, 1 in Emilia Romagna and 1 in Lazio. The Basilicata Region reports that the significant increase in cases in the last week is due to imported and non-native cases resulting from screening activities. The Calabria Region reports that the increase in infections is due to 5 positive cases detected among the migrants landed in Crotone on 25 July. The Autonomous Province of Bolzano reports that the positives are 2,692 (today +2 compared to yesterday, but 10 cases must be subtracted, counted twice); therefore the positive figure updated as of today is 2.692. The Sardinia Region reports that the number of deceased is reduced by one unit following a recalculation. Therefore increases the number of healed by one unit.

– In Italy the number of positives to the new Coronavirus has risen to 246,488 (+202, yesterday +170), of which 198,756 recovered (+163, yesterday +147) and 35,123 dead (+11, yesterday +5). These are the main data of the Covid-19 emergency in Italy. The numbers were released by the Ministry of Health. The number of swabs carried out increased: compared to yesterday (25,551) 48,170 were recorded, for a total of 6,634,293. Sardinia reported a recalculation on the total of cases.

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A. Kairiukstis (edd.), Methods of Dendrochronology, London 1990; E. Corona, Dendrochronology as a tool for the study of climatic variations, in AttiConvLinc, 95 (1992), pp. 113-28; F.H. Schweingruber, Baum und Holz in der Dendrochronologie, Zürich 1992; Id., Tree Ring and Environment Dendroecology, Bern 1996.

For a long time, the study of fossil pollen was applied only to sediments related to humid environments, such as lagoons, lakes, swamps and peat bogs, as they were thought to be the only ones to possess pollen content. Thanks to their peculiar characteristics (low energy, scarce free oxygen, acid pH), these basins are undoubtedly ideal for the deposition and conservation of pollen rains, so much so that they deserve the name of biological archives of vegetation. However, their geographical distribution is rather limited; in Europe, most of the humid environments are located in northern latitudes, in mountainous areas and in somewhat restricted coastal areas. Chronologically speaking, these sedimentary series are either very ancient (Pliocene – Lower Pleistocene) or recent (Late Glacial – Holocene). There are certainly some important exceptions that have made it possible to reconstruct the history of vegetation cover on a wider time scale. In this regard, we recall the site of Meikirch near Bern, the peat bogs of the Grande Pile in the Vosges and of Les Echets near Lyon, the deposits of the artificially dried up crater lake of Valle di Castiglione on the outskirts of Rome and the surveys of Tenaghi Phillipon in north of Greece. The palynological study of the sequences of deposits of this type has made it possible to draw up rich and complex diagrams (continuous pollen sequences) which, based on the type of floristic species present and the variations expressed as a percentage of their presence, reflect the different paleoenvironmental situations that occur. they took place during the Quaternary and are fundamental for reconstructing its history. The reconstruction of ancient landscapes becomes more complete and detailed if levels with vertebrate fossil faunas are contained in the sedimentary series. In addition to this applicative aspect, the continuous pollen sequences have an important biostratigraphic significance: it was in fact possible to highlight the succession of particular pollen associations (pollen biozones), corresponding to floristic coverings and peculiar climatic-environmental conditions, whose duration over time is underlined by the disappearance or by the diminished presence of some floristic elements which, due to changed conditions, have been forced to change their distribution area. Pollen biozonation is a particularly valid relative dating method in chronological terms and is also widely used for stratigraphic correlations; where it can be flanked by faunal biozonations, it greatly increases its potential. The palynological study of various ancient fluvio-lacustrine deposits in central-northern Italy (Bertoldi 1989), of which the biostratigraphic sequence of mammalian associations is also known, has allowed us to draw up a chronological and paleoecological picture of the Pliocene and the lower Pleistocene which highlights the vegetational phases that characterized the transition from the Tertiary to the Quaternary era. The continuous pollen sequences of northern Europe are undoubtedly those that provide the most complete and detailed picture of climatic variations and European floristic events starting from 2.5 million years ago and still constitute the most used reference model for biostratigraphic correlations. . Based on the pollen biozonation so far recognized in north-western Europe, the first phase of impoverishment of the Pliocene woods, called Pretigliano, corresponds to the first large and sensitive climatic cooling of the glacial type, dated in many places to about 2.3 million years ago. With this event, the series of fluctuations in average temperatures and rainfall began, which profoundly changed the environments and their floristic coverings until a few thousand years ago. The lower part of the Pleistocene (from 2.3-1.8 million up to 700.

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For his own safety, he should sit on the tarpaulin …

The two 18-year-olds Danny and Ludwig come from completely different worlds: Ludwig leads a life of wealth, while the music-loving Danny turns every penny twice …

Everything seems to be going wrong in Miranda Well’s life right now. The single mother of three children becomes overwhelmed. The money is not enough back and forth for me …

After his parents split up, teenage Ben spends the summer holidays with his father in a small coastal town. During his summer job at the harbor, he met Mallory …

It’s a completely normal morning for Rachel: She’s late again and is stuck in the daily traffic chaos on the way to school with her son Kyle, when she also …


Films on Wednesday August 19th

The brothers Julian and Thomas Wittmann want to get out of everyday life in their Bavarian village – and run away. To enjoy the great freedom, adventure and happiness in the distance …

In the Mongolian Gobi Desert, two sisters spend the first years of their childhood together, then they are separated. One grows up in Germany, while the other …

Everything seems to be going wrong in Miranda Well’s life right now. The single mother of three children becomes overwhelmed. The money is not enough back and forth for me …


Films on Wednesday August 19th

Saratoga / New York, mid-19th century. The Afro-American Solomon Northup lives a simple but happy life as a free man. As two strangers the virtuoso violin …

The psychotherapist Sibyl decides to return to her real passion: writing. She finds inspiration in her new patient Margot, a young …


Films on Wednesday August 19th

Baby is a talented young getaway driver (Ansel Elgort) relies entirely on the beat of his personal playlist to become the best at the job. When he …

After his parents split up, teenage Ben spends the summer holidays with his father in a small coastal town. During his summer job at the harbor, he met Mallory …


Films on Wednesday August 19th

From the filmmakers of the successful documentary “The North Sea from Above” there is now the ultimate Australian film. Silke Schranz and Christian Wüstenberg spent 100 days across Australia …

Dom Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) is a gifted thief, the absolute best at extraction, an artful and dangerous form of theft: Cobb steals valuable …

Sue is twelve and highly intelligent, but also a loner, who is often overlooked at school or teased by the chubby clique of girls. In her free time, she escapes …


Films on Wednesday August 19th


Séverine, an upper-class woman apparently happily married to a doctor, secretly suffers from erotic and masochistic obsessions. Schli …

A German artist who came to Venice to relax falls into platonic love for a beautiful Polish youth and suffers a cholera-infested city …


Films on Wednesday August 19th

The band Dreiviertelblut around the two musicians Gerd Baumann and Sebastian Horn first appears as a Bavarian phenomenon: They sing in dialect, and mostly …


Films on Wednesday August 19th

The psychologist Selma has an insane plan: She wants to return to her home country Tunisia to open a practice for psychotherapy there. The project of the self …

The brothers Julian and Thomas Wittmann want to get out of everyday life in their Bavarian village – and run away. To enjoy the great freedom, adventure and happiness in the distance …


Films on Wednesday August 19th

The brothers Julian and Thomas Wittmann want to get out of everyday life in their Bavarian village – and run away. To enjoy the great freedom, adventure and happiness in the distance …


The greatest adventure of his life begins for Checker Tobi on a pirate ship in the middle of the sea. There he discovers a message in a bottle with a riddle in it. If he solves it …

A real knight’s castle as a new home – can you imagine something cooler? Yes, you can, thinks nine-year-old Max. Because Geroldseck Castle is a retirement home full of scary …

Everything seems to be going wrong in Miranda Well’s life right now. The single mother of three children becomes overwhelmed. The money is not enough back and forth for me …


Films on Wednesday August 19th

The reception of Anton Bruckner’s music came late and slowly. The recording of a complete Bruckner cycle with Valery Gergiev and the Munich Philharmonic in the Stift.

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Aug 2020

The respective terms and conditions apply to the following offers

“Casual” comes from English and means something like “easy” or “casual”. In German it is mostly translated as casual sex. It is therefore about an erotic relationship without any obligations. The intentions of the users are quite different. So there are men and women who are looking for an affair. In addition, users who prefer to stay single and are only interested in non-binding sex also register. During the comparison, our testers also found married members who wanted to bring more passion into the bedroom at home through another partner. In casual dating you will find varied sex meetings and tingling eroticism. You can find our winner and the best providers in the test in the following table:

The TOP 3 list of the best casual dating portals on the German market

750,000 members

Balanced membership structure with men, women, couples and homosexual users



Hand-checked profiles

Tested data protection from TÜV Saarland


Casino games to win coins

Flirt hotline and single events

• Dating agency and casual portal • Extensive picture galleries

• Lots of registered women • Good flirt app

All providers we tested were reputable and offered the highest level of discretion and anonymity. impressed our team in particular, as many varied elements such as casino games loosened up the search for sex partners. In addition, users with similar interests quickly found themselves here. Thanks to the payment system using coins, you don’t have to worry about a subscription trap. Clearly our test winner in this category.

Helpful guides for flirting and getting together

At this point we would like to refer to our advice again. Profile text and photos also play a special role in casual dating. In addition, our editorial team has put together important tips and tricks so that you don’t have any problems finding an affair. If you follow the advice, there should be no trouble with the hot adventure or fling.

There is a lot to be found in the area of ​​casual dating. The classics here are certainly short or long-term affairs, one-night stands and discreet affairs. But you can also search for certain inclinations, fetishes or preferences on most sex portals. Some users are more interested in imaginative eroticism, while others want to live out their dominant or submissive side. It is also easy for younger users to find experienced contacts. The spectrum is broad, so you should quickly meet like-minded singles and couples.

So if you want to live out some secret erotic adventures, this is the right place for you. The provider LOVEPOINT has a special feature. This is one of the first portals for sex meetings that is available on the German market. It’s not just about sparkling eroticism, but also about meeting your soul mate. The platform is the only website in this area to offer a comprehensive personality test with a matching algorithm. So you can not only look for non-binding sex here, but also find the dream partner for a longer relationship. Quite an unusual, but still successful concept.

The designs of the various filter and search functions

The search is the core of the portal. You can filter by appearance, preferences, age and place of residence.

At C-Date you get contact suggestions tailored to your own erotic fantasies.

At LOVEPOINT there is a wish and soul partner area. A search is only possible with the former.

The platforms presented from the comparison offer a good environment to get to know each other without obligation. For example, the profile pictures are usually displayed blurred. This ensures a high level of discretion and anonymity.

Our testers were impressed by the relaxed and friendly conversations. Female users do not have to be afraid either. The men usually prepare the conversation well and don’t hit the door straight away.

The phenomenon of cheating is not limited to the masters of creation. The magazine Cosmopolitan quotes a British survey by the agency “Coffee & Company”, in which 25% of women would commit an affair.

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Only because of an alleged cancellation (mistake by the seller), then sudden delivery in summer, then double debiting of the amount and only because of the visible (!) Back walls. These have a grain in the exhibition, but not at home. At first glance it looks like they were simply attached the wrong way round. But look the same on the back, are glued and therefore not interchangeable. Now we have made dozens of phone calls, always initiated by us, and have not come to a good result. The furniture now costs 30% less. Now the exhibits have been offered to us with a 10% discount. I think that’s extremely little for all the trouble … Is there actually a legal handle because the exhibits promise different furniture? Deception or something, a friend said so … Does anyone have an idea or are there just the alternatives, o.g. Exchange or return furniture completely (we actually want to, because they are beautiful and for us there is no alternative) … It annoys me so much that you have to run after them all the time and don’t want them to get away with it so “cheaply” …

Hello, our electrician renewed the entire electronics about 2 years ago and now I noticed a brownish line on the wall above the socket or network and TV socket! It’s hard to see because the wall has a slightly lighter brownish paint too! I am happy to send a photo!

HELLO our landlady is trying to scare us away at the moment because we don’t want to share our lives with them, she wants to know everything, etc. And she pissed off now And today we picked up residual waste and we didn’t put her out because there was only 2 bags in it we clean the front door with a piece of paper this is the purest chicane of hers we are looking for something new … the question is, however, can you ask if there is something in there?

What does it cost to renovate a staircase and how long does it take?

This week I got into a conversation with a customer, he had a weak hour and talked about some private things. What made me wonder is the price of his staircase renovation, he has offers of 190,000 to 260,000 euros and the work takes around 7 weeks. If I calculate the price per week or per m², then I find the price very exaggerated, whereby the stone does not have to be replaced. How can it be that companies submit such offers? Is there not much competition in this area? He said the stairs are 15 years old, 14 m deep and 7 m wide and are made of Chinese granite. The natural stone is in good condition, it does not have to be replaced, only the mortar that connects the steps with the stairs has partially peeled off. The natural stone coverings have to be removed, after cleaning the old steps have to be relocated.

Has anyone had any experience with anti-stuttering drugs?

I have already tried many therapies and have therefore spent a lot of money on them. I have now read more often about drugs that are said to have a positive effect on stuttering, such as melatonin, Ecopipam, Citalopram, Zyprexa, Pagoclone, Risperdale, etc. Perhaps someone has had experience with them and can help me with this topic. I would be very happy about helpful comments 🙂

There was once a TV movie, 80s or 90s, plays and the like. a. in a rolling mill where an employee was pierced by a rolled bar and later died in hospital. The company management tries to cover up something and a colleague of the workforce wants to clarify what really happened

Egypt trip booked with Nile cruise

Nowhere can you find out what about the Nile cruises. Would like to cancel the trip free of charge if possible.

How can you earn money as a young person (15)?

Hey, I’m 15 years old and I would like to make some extra money.

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Internet portals for partner search (e.g. FriendScout24, Parship, ElitePartner to name a few of the better known names) have been on the rise for years. Their various ways of establishing contact seem too seductive, and the almost limitless number of profiles of potential life companions arouses the curiosity of many customers.

But more often than not, the singles exchanges are more apparent than real. Here is the experience report of a female member who reports on the course of the first meeting with a man in the real world in the first few months after registering.

Premiere! First dating portal date with Rainer, meeting point near Stadtwald. Rainer’s suggestion to go for another walk, I decline with thanks – it’s pitch dark, temperatures just above zero. Instead, as agreed, drive to the Greek. At the sight of the word “restaurant”, Rainer panics: “Oh, did we want to eat something?”. After carefully studying the right-hand column on the menu, Rainer decides on a salad. “Could I get half a portion?” “You know, darling, I keep it there with the slogan ‘Have breakfast like an emperor …” The following conversation is slow because Rainer keeps his mouth shut stuffed full of bread and therefore I hardly understand a word. I still get the most important thing: Rainer is a gifted handyman and has just built a water bed out of old room doors (!?!?).

“You know, honey, it’s easier on the joints and everything you do in a normal bed works at least as well in it! Hoho ….”

It’s good that we have already discussed this topic …. Rainer is also extremely interested in culture, he was particularly impressed by the industrial culture of the Ruhr area and in 2009 he was in Stuttgart at “Miss Saigon”! When paying his bill of 8.50 euros, however, Rainer gets angry: they just charged him the 2 additional bread baskets! “But here they take it from the living!”.

The crowning glory was his question: “Well, what are we 2 pretty guys doing with the evening that has started?” Zero, nada, niente – get out of here!

I’m not giving up that quickly, so the next meeting with Mark 14 days later. When I arrive at the meeting point, I am immediately overcome by deep pity: Mark is a boy size 164, looks half starved (how did the man get the photo like that?) And dangling on his arm -? -? -? a man’s handbag. What could be in there?

We have already discussed the most important things on the phone, including that after 13 years of marriage he separated from Gudrun – very amicably and without any fuss. Already with the first coffee, Gudrun becomes “Madame” and from then on Madame buzzes through every second sentence. Suddenly, Madame no longer needs to work full-time, Madame suddenly doesn’t love her two dogs that much anymore, “Now I’ve got the two boobs on my neck!”, And Madame will look around, because now things are going to be completely different Pages opened! After another 10 minutes, the secret of the handbag is finally revealed: Mountains of photos of Mark + Madame + oak cupboard + 2 dogs.

Waiter, pay! Congratulations, Gudrun, you just got the corner!

For 5 weeks tingly email contact with Andreas! Should it work on the third attempt? Our correspondence is suspicious of the Pulitzer Prize, I’m blown away! Andreas is funny! Andreas is witty! Andreas is original! And this voice … With so much kinship, outward appearances lose their meaning, so why exchange photos? The bell ringer of Notre Dame could come along now – it doesn’t matter!

The choice of the place he suggested is idiosyncratic, but why not sip mint tea while balancing on cushions? You have to be open to everything! Arrive there hyper-nervous, but something warns me and I squint around the corner first – and who’s waiting ??? The Hunchback of Notre Dame! Andreas (“have fed me a few frustrated kilos in the last few months, but they are more or less down again.