Have influenced and also trytip for dating out there new things.

Avoid consuming alcohol or substances that alter your conscience and stick to your plan: no last minute change of plans or places. Finally, a short date will suffice; if there was interest there will be a second date.

Pets make us more sociable beings, so if you are a bit shy and like animals… you can choose to acquire a puppy.

In addition, your pet will force you to go out for walks in the park, where you will have the opportunity to meet other animal owners with whom you will have a common theme: canine love. Perfect reason to break the ice and make friends.

In the event that you already have a dog and have not yet found a partner, it is because you need to get more out of your pet. Be a good housekeeper, take him for a walk in the park, and hang out with him on the weekends. Not only will it be good for your pet (you will notice how things in the house will stop being destroyed) but it will also be an opportunity to meet a single canine owner.

Did you know that there are companies that are dedicated to finding you a partner? If you are really in the business of looking for that special someone, this may be an alternative.

GOGERIT is the first dating agency in Costa Rica. They are in charge of organizing speed dating events, an opportunity to meet people in a simple, safe and fun way.

This is a good option for those who have little time to visit social sites due to their busy lifestyle.

The mechanics of these events are very simple. Each person talks for seven minutes with someone of the other sex, at the end of the time they will write down the impressions of their appointment, continue with the next appointment, and so on until they finish with their up to 10 appointments. At the end of the event, the organizing company analyzes the results and communicates the “perfect encounters”, that is, couples with common interests.

Psychology influences when starting a conversation with someone. The first thing to know is that you should not ask her out immediately, because that only decreases the chances that the person will accept. Instead, ask a question or ask for a simple favor (for example, asking for an address or requesting a recommendation for a good restaurant to discover this weekend).

According to statistics, asking for a favor gives you a 15% chance that the other person will agree to go out with you; Asking her out directly only has a 3% chance that the other person will accept.

Compliments can be misinterpreted or create discomfort, instead prefer to say something nice about where they are. For example, if they are at the supermarket, you can tell them how tasty those avocados look; Or, if they are in a bookstore, say what a wide variety of titles there are.

Active listening is essential. Listen to the other person, but really listen to them, and then say something in response.

The person is more likely to develop an interest in you if you show attention to what she is saying. On the other hand, avoid talking too much about yourself, that will only make you appear arrogant and self-centered.

The first impression is essential because that is the image that will remain in the other person and it will be difficult to change. The looks and the first ones we express say a lot about us. For example, if she makes eye contact, it means that she is not too shy and shows interest in the other person. If the first sentences come out without hesitation, they show that he is a safe and intelligent person.

Furthermore, your scent and the way you dress will also leave an impression on the other person.

If you plan to go hunting or are hoping to meet a new group of people, keep in mind that the colors of the clothes you are wearing may or may not work in your favor. Make sure the colors you use send the right message.

Men who wear blue are generally regarded as stable and faithful by women; For their part, women who wear red can look passionate and powerful to men.

Sources: Gogerit (www.gogerit.com), Malcolm Gladwell’s Blink Book, website www.psychologytoday.com, How to do Life publication, by Marty Nemko and Dr. Jeremy Nicholson (attractiondoctor.com).

Graduated in Collective Communication Sciences, with an emphasis in journalism, from the University of Costa Rica and a master’s degree in Communication Media Administration from UNED.

Find prompted along with trytip for dating outside new things.

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A blind date flushes all our nerves for two reasons: we do not know what the other person is like and we do not know what their reaction will be when we see us.

Every day it is more common for blind dates to occur; Either through the Internet, getting to know each other by a simple photograph or by a friend who wants to introduce us to someone. It is a situation that not all people know how to handle, since all our nerves emerge due to the absolute ignorance of what you are going to find.

It is not known what that person is like, maybe physically but not personally, therefore she is totally on the lookout, or with the little information that our friends have been able to tell us. The other against these quotes have is insecurity; If we are people not very confident of our possibilities, it will be a resounding failure, due to the uncertainty of knowing whether or not we will like the other person. To do this, you have to follow a series of guidelines that will come in handy when facing a blind date. If you carry them out, there will surely be a second and a third date.

It is very difficult to trust yourself when you do not know what you are going to face. However, you have to think that the other person may be exactly the same as us and that, whether we like it or not, reassures a lot.

Find influenced and also trytip for dating away brand-new things.

Do you want to flirt? Find yourself a future that will ensure you a ‘match’ than another.

Although it is a somewhat obvious resource, not only do you have to know how to control the tools necessary to manipulate your profile photos, but you also have to demonstrate the effectiveness of the deception. Luckily, the British cosmetic surgery clinic Make Yourself Amazing did it: a bit of Photoshop on the profile of a supposed Carla in one of these applications to considerably increase her breast and voila. As a result of its digital change, the profile had 34% more ‘matches’.

If some use their partners or retouched photos to increase their rate of ‘matches’, the idea of ​​asking your grandfather for some help is not so far-fetched. That’s what the young American film director Ethan Cole must have thought before deciding to create a profile on Tinder for the nonagenarian relative. When the old man achieved several coincidences, the mischievous grandson organized a round of blind dates in which, of course, he ended up showing up to see if he could catch something despite the fact that it was all an experiment to verify the success of a grandfather in the network Social.

Taking for granted that a person searches Tinder and similar platforms for another person to flirt with is too risky. In fact, a social experiment showed that a good piece of pastry is more successful than any heterosexual man: at 25, a user of the most popular dating platform created EverythingBagel, a fake profile with which he had to pass for a ‘ bagel ‘with surprising success. During a little over a year, he had more than a thousand matches in the ‘app’.

Finding a partner on Tinder, Grindr, Happn, and even Terra’s chat is great, but it doesn’t have to be a priority goal either. In fact, if you find something more succulent along the way, all the better. The same thing happened to Shannon, a young university student who was expelled from her brotherhood after being seen in the Tinder photo proudly displaying the symbol of the institution, which was a complete disgrace. After this dramatic situation, Tinder gave Shannon a scholarship to work at the company. She entered looking for a boyfriend and left with work.

Yes, a lot of code and patience could help you to ‘hack’ Tinder and link more (or, at least, have a profile with more matches than you would get only by interacting with the finger). This is what the Spaniards of Fuel For Tinder achieved, who created a platform from which users could increase their Facebook likes left and right (and, therefore, those of their Tinder profile) in order to increase the chances of match other users.

If some have ‘hacked’ Tinder for the benefit of all, others have done the same to teach their users a lesson. This is the case of the American computer scientist who made heterosexual men end up flirting with other heterosexual men by manipulating Tinder. Thus, the best thing is that you do not trust much of what you see through the screen of your mobile, because between Photoshop and the odd hoax, you will never know what is reality and what fiction.

Having fun while flirting doesn’t necessarily go hand in hand with ending up matched for a group of users. There are also those who have used Tinder to laugh with the faces of their potential partners: after getting several matches, a user went to the date with her suitors characterized as a young woman with some overweight. The reaction of those who believed they had picked up a pretty, slim girl was somewhere between perplexity and disappointment.

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Despite knowing the need to advertise it is often very difficult to reach the manager, they seem like God is impossible to bother … hahaha.

I will carry out your advice to see how they go. Thank you very much and I will follow you closely from now on! Greetings.

Hello Cesar, some time ago I established a home care company and so far it is not going very well due to advertising, we have always done it through mass emails, facebook and website.

Hi Karen, congratulations on setting up your company. How your business works best, in addition to the ads on Facebook ADS to publicize and SEM positioning in Google, is through phone calls and arranged appointments to talk about the service. Home care may not sell well by mass mail. A hug

But what if we don’t have the name of the person we should talk to? How do we pass the secretary filter without using “I want to speak to the area manager”? thanks!

Hello Tatiana, in the first call we can already discover your name. In this way in subsequent calls we already ask for the person. Another very effective technique is looking at the person’s name on Linkedin. A hug

I have loved this series of tips and I am great, I am going to put them into practice.

The little phrase that kills me and that I hear 90% of the time is “Send information by mail and if we are interested we will get in touch” grrrfffsss …… It is a masterful way to get out of the way.

Thanks Cesar, I just met you through this media and it is a great little help. I am a salesperson and I detect that sometimes I have a failure when arranging visits … that then sometimes, clients cancel me and it creates great upheaval. Have you published something about it?

Hello Mariano! Thanks for your idea, this week I will try to write about “How to prevent customers from canceling business visits.” I really want to do it. You can see more articles about sales in the sales section, and even more by buying “Supervendedor” https://www.amazon.es/Supervendedor-T%C3%A9cnicas-Multiplicar-Resultados-Comerciales/dp/8416583099, in which it thoroughly details an effective sales method. A hug!

Excellent…. I loved it and its publication helped me a lot … I am starting in sales I like it much more than my career … every experience with a client seems a challenge, it comforts me that the more reluctant they are as they listen to my presentation about the services that they I offer they are interested in paying attention to me whether it suits them or not … if I should improve and that is why I found your fabulous page … a success hug … I hope you publish more of your experiences in sales and knowledge …

Amazing Caesar! I have googled “role playing to arrange a telephone interview” and you have appeared the first one! I was your student in the coaching master and in a course on how to speak in public.